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Octopus tank mates...

Oct 13, 2005
The current background is black...I like blue better...

How many #'s of LR should I keep in the 75 gallon? I wasn't thinking a lot, because I wanna fill up the 20 gallon.

Grr...now i'm so ecited, i'll never be able to concentrate on my Spanish test tomorrow...>: (


O. vulgaris
Oct 19, 2005
Reallife experience with my first octo and his fish friend...

My bimac calamari was in the tank for about 3 months before I had to move a damsel in the tank because his old tank was being taken down... I thought he'd turn into food but my octo didnt really mind him at all... Infact... this damsel turned out to become one of my favorite fish, he was just asking to be eaten, he would swim up to Calamari and follow him around the tank, but Calamari didnt really care he was there... And now that calamari has passed on, the damsel is all alone in that tank by himself *cry*... But he's just one of my favorite fish because you can walk up to the tank and the damsel fish will swim up to you , and if you walk around the tank, the fish will follow you... quite strange this fish is like a puppy...

Err well anyways I have to agree with everyone that whether your octo and hippo will get along is up to their personalities ^.^ - I realize you probly already came to that conclusion, but I just wanted to tell my story ; ;