Octopus Stuff on Zazzle


Blue Ring
Apr 5, 2012
I honestly forgot about this site...but came across it earlier looking around for octopus stuff...and WOW!
Zazzle.com has got some really awesome octopus (and any cephalopod!) stuff, including a lot of things you can customize.
Shirts, posters, cards, hats, ties, mugs, business cards, iPhone cases, etc...you name it! And any style too: cute, artistic, realistic, abstract...

So if you're looking for a unique cephy gift for yourself or someone else, go check out www.zazzle.com and type "octopus" (or any other ceph) into the search box and VOILA!

I realize this post totally sounds like a sales pitch, but I don't work for zazzle.com nor have I been compensated for advertising for them! I just had to share the octopus love! :tentacle: