Octopus Pulp!

i know ive seen the poulpe pulp before....

someone needs to send that guy TTF's list of multiple languages so he can add to his own... although (i may be biased) the swahili was anice [and new] touch....

whats with all the email from yale?
:oops: didn't remember the indonesian... it's not like i haven't spent some time there :roll:
Still in Bajo (sea-nomads of Indonesian) it's kuta (koo-tah)... 8)

was it an octo only list or was it octo/squid? my mind fails me at the moment.... [and feeling too tired to go searching]
*coughs, coughs*
*spits coffee over new keyboard*

German = Tintenfisch !!! :shock:

:lol: i thought it was some obscure reference to a really big fish, a Titanic Fish :D


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