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Octopus Prep...

Sep 25, 2004
I'm preparing my tank for an octopus. And this time I want it to be near perfect, or at least a healthy living enviroment! So far I have done the following...
1) Recently changed 99% of the water & 50% of the sand (it was nasty!)
2)Put in a few inverts and a baby puffer *to break i the tank (*I'm sure theres some scientfic word for that...)
3) Planted a few healthy aglea thingy mabobs...
4) Scrubbed the tank clean of Algea.
5) And tottaly cleaned and tweaked my filtration sytem.

What I know i have left to do is...
1) Put rocks and pvc pipes for octo.
2) And Get a large substantial food supply.
3) Do that PH thingy... I HAVE NO CLUE HOW!!!!!!! AH!

Also I was wondering will debris from rotting plants hurt the tank? :hmm:

haven't heard from you in a while! sounds like you've been busy though!

You can buy a Ph test kit at your local aquarium store, it will have instructions!

And yes rotting plant material is bad for a tank! It releases nitrates and decreses oxygen and will kill your live sand (& most other things!) you'll get more of that nasty smelling black gloppy sand (called anoxic sand) :yuck:

BTW the "breaking in of the tank" is called cycling!


Thanks Jean! I guess I'll go get rid of those debris right away!

PS: Is there anything that I should do to the PVC pipes before I put them in the tank?
Anerobic decay results from lack of proper water movement through the live sand...some people use animals that shift sand, like crabs or clams, to keep the sand in a non-static environment...or you can physically do it yourself.

Black sand areas should be removed carefully though, if you just stir it up, you will release a cloud of junk that poses all kinds of problems ! Take a baggy, invert it over your hand, and scoop up the detritutus in the tank, then close the baggy by pulling your hand free and twisting shut the opening. Piece of cake (a smelly one, though) !!!

yuck, my black sand now is near the color of normal sand bu it still stinks

(More much less now, compared to when it had it's own salt water swamp ecosystem, which smelled like rotted flesh and stagnat water...
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