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Octopus Pot Mystery


Staff member
May 30, 2000
TONMO visitor Tom Pitchford reached out and wanted to share the following - input & discussion welcome!

Hi Tony,

I am a biologist in Florida. Attached are photographs of a particular type of octopus pot (link attached) that I have found washed up on the beach near St Augustine Florida (Northeast FL coast). I am wondering if you can help me learn where this type of pot is fished? Could it be anywhere? Is the brand/type a clue? There is no local fishing for octopus that I am aware of.

The traps on the beach are always battered, encrusted and without concrete ballast, ground, or buoy lines. I have six of them now and they wash up in other parts of Florida as well. Currents could be bringing them from the Gulf of Mexico or elsewhere in the world. Can you shed any light on this apparent mystery?

Thanks for any advice! --Tom Pitchford

Link to Korean supplier of octopus traps very similar to those washing ashore on Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Hi Tony, since writing to you I have viewed a YouTube video of octopus trap fishing with the same style plastic traps as I have found on St Augustine beach. The video is from Spain. Were you able to post my inquiry on your excellent forum? I still want to learn more if possible.

Thank you. –Tom


Quite a collection! Anyone in the community have more info on known places where this technique is used?


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