octopus pics please.

Yes, we always need more pics - please post lots of octo pics, all you octo owners!

Also, you might check the List of Our Octopuses thread at the top of this forum and see whether you and your octo are listed correctly. Let me know if I'm missing anyone. There are two lists - one for bimacs followed by one for other species.

When I first saw the second thumbnail I thought the rock was his mantle! Looking good Gimpy! :smile:

If you havent already, you could check out our gallery while waiting for others to post up their pics :wink:
Welcome Taollan :welcome: and please....we need more info!!!

As to the crab, it is a local one Jess and I collect. Not sure what kind but they are all over the pilings and under rocks at low tide.
heres kashmir


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