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Octopus Ornatus


Blue Ring
Feb 5, 2004
I went snorkeling and i saw an Ornate Octopus(Octopus ornatus).
Down here in Hawaii we call it the night squid,and it is very very agressive. It wont let you touch it unless you get bitten :roll:

Can it be kept in a tank at home :heee: ?
Who is going to break up that fight. :bugout:

I can not believe how vicious that second video got so quick. Both beautiful specimens. :|

What size tank are you thing about KB? And what steel reinforcement? :sink:

I would not know their appetite. But, I don't believe your he'e pūloa, he'e mākoko will fit in that. Although slender, at two feet it will be able to make quite a mess, and have very little room. IMO -Sorry :frown:

Perhaps someone may have more info on that species here.

Have you researched a bimac?

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