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octopus marginatus

Apr 20, 2005
hello all I am looking for info on O.marginatus they look like a cool octopus deep red with some yellow any info would be greatly or any info on octopus cyanea would apreceated

I can tell you about O. Cyanea... But as for the other I can't sry.
Anyway O. Cyanea otherwise known as the day octopus is one of the few octos that are dianurnal. They come from tropical waters and theres alot of them here on Oahu. They look alot like a Bimac but the spots on circles on the mantle are pale and practically non-existant. Thats pretty much all I know about them but theyre also fairly easy to keep. I kept one until my filter broke and I'm one of the worst aqurarium owners ever conceived. Well I hope that helps!

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