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Octopus has lost his personality


O. bimaculoides
Jan 11, 2006
I am not sure what is wrong with him, but the last few weeks he has been reclusive, the last few days he won't eat from his stick. However will eat. He will usually just cowar in his cave when I am around. It is really bizarre.

Could this mean the end of his days are coming up?:confused:
Strangely enough last night I went to shut off his light before bed and he was out on the front glass. When I can to the glass he darted to his cave.
Definatley something up. Today I put a shrimp utside his cave for the entire day. He did not come out. I just pushed the shrimp into the cave, and he ate it. He is also changing colors huge seems to do it constantly.

Really not sure what to do. Without not knowing for sure I do not want to help him along, but dont want him suffering either.
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