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Nov 29, 2002
Anyone seen one, or both, of the Octopus and Octopus 2 films? I mean are they any good, or terrible? Or are they so bad that they're well worth watching!
from what i know, theres at least two movies by that name, one japanese from 1998, and an american one from 2000.... from what i can tell, Octopus 2: River of Fear has nothing to do with either of them.... i wish i could help, being a bit of a coinseur of B movies, but i havent seen either... maybe looking around on imdb.com could help you out.... that where i got my info..... interestingly enough, if you put in 'octopus', ten movies come up....except for the three in the last 4 years, theyre all before 1965! someones wake those hollywood people up and give cephs more screen time.... maybe if we could persuade the deep fried live! people to be more consistant, maybe a ceph renaissance in movies.... after all, being in the peoples consciousness as a freak/alien/nemesis in the movies is still being in their thoughts.... well that is as long as they dont take a 'jaws' approach to them, but that a tad harder to do with smaller critters.....
Old thread this but always worth reviving anything with classic B movie monsters in them.

Octopus 2: River of Fear was on the SciFi channel a few days ago - I was of course awful, ham acting, rubber octopus arms and a peculiar armour plated head (with scowl) for the giant octopus and jaws more akin to those of the Predator creature than an octopus. All laughable. Needless to say I watched it! :shock:

The story was simple (surprised?) giant octopus takes up residence in NY harbour and proceeds to eat the inhabitants - well the two or three who are nearby. A policeman sees it grab his buddie but the chief doen't believe him. The Mayors assisstant gets involved and she is attacked by the octopus at which point the circle of disbelief goes up one level to the Mayor who's organising a 4th July firework display in the harbour. The police hatch a daring plan to blow up the octopus but instead put a hole in the roof of the tunnel under the harbour (doh!!!). At this point the plot gets a little thin (ner) as the police dood has to rescue a party of kids from a bus traped in the tunnel as water starts to flood in ... As they reach the top of the escape route the octopus surfaces and gets blown up by one of the NYPD.

It does have a couple of good points, not least being it uses rubber octopusses which are not harmed in the making of the film, rather than real ones which would have been (a point which I think Dr O made on the old board with respect to the film Tentacles which involved poking a real octopus to get it to act). Then there is a dream sequence where a giant version of the octopus searching for the policeman scales the Statue of Liberty and pulls the head off!!! :bugout:

Verdict: watchable but probably improves with alcohol ...
If it would have been an anime film the octopus would have destroyed Tokyo Tower...

Anyway, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" has an octopus-like thing. Just thought I would give props to it. Have a great night! :sleeping:

Sushi and Sake, but hold the Tako-yaki

this post is old but..

..i just discovered this great community and i happened to have watched the american movie from 2000 :sleeping:
To make it short: don´t touch it. Ugly FX, bad plot and worse acting... I´m really into B-movies and i loved Deep Rising but this film isn´t worth watching.:cyclops:
Agreed voltron (and welcome!)... I saw Octopus which was horrendously awful... but fun in a this-is-an-awful-movie-look-how-bad-it-is-i-can't-believe-this-dialogue-hey-there's-a-cephalopod kind of way. :D
Re: this post is old but..

voltron said:
I´m really into B-movies and i loved Deep Rising but this film isn´t worth watching.:cyclops:

Ah, another "Deep Rising" fan. Voltron, have you encountered people who simply did not understand that the "eels" were actually arms? Very frustrating.

Welcome to TONMO.

What DO the teach them at school!!! hehe.
Not a bad flick actually...the octo movies were horrible...so bad, we ended up MST3K'ing them all over the place...then they were fun!
For those who haven't seen images of the star of "Deep Rising," here's one of its "attack-head" tentacles in repose...


...and in full bloom.


Scylla lives, courtesy of creature designer Rob Bottin.


:lol: it amazes me that quotes like his one in predator concerning tyranosauruses didnt come back to haunt him when he was in office....

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