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Octopus Feeding

DHyslop said:
Google (and others) have earned a heck of a lot of money with a system of contextual advertisements. Google scans the text of each thread and tries to determine what the heck kind of things we'd like to buy, then places the appropriate ads on the page. When one of us clicks one of the ads, the site gets a little kickback.

Since TONMO is really a specialized group, it tends to fool Google. For example, in this thread we talked the heck about crabs. Most people buy crabs to eat, so Google gave us a heck of a lot of ads about frozen crabs. In other threads we've seen advertisements for Shea butter when Dr. Steve posts a lot.

Heckingly yours,


This might be a fun new supporters thread, post "interesting words" and see what ads Google puts forward :smile:

On a more serious issue, Sepia elegans?!?!
is it ok to feed the little terd store bought raw shrimp? they are the ones that are about 2-3 inches long... i gave him a half of one today for the first time and he seemed to REALLY like it....
lol yea i noticed that after trying to feed him another piece... i gae it to him and he acted excited to have it then he came to the top of the glass so i opened the glass top and he pulled it out fro under him and held it up and over the edge of the tank then dropped it on the floor then swam to a nearby rock and watched me.... they are almost like spoiled toddlers
Hello !:mrgreen:

Along these lines, I am a newbie and have only had my new octo for 3 days. It seems he's a hunter and wants nothing to do with anything frozen even if it's very fresh. :roll:

My LFS told me he likes ghost shrimp and snails, but I feel like he's only eating candy and am wondering what the equivalent in saltwater would be to a ghost shrimp?

I have so far tried to get nutrients in him with 2 kinds of raw frozen shrimp, krill and a clam. These were all ignored completely. Yesterday I got him 2 hermits and brine (he likes to play with brine, probably because it has no nutritional value what so ever). :wink2: Both hermits are still scooting around unharmed. I have a mollusk, a clam and an oyster all alive in his tank, but since he ignored the first clam I am leaving those all alone for now.

In short, he's ignoring everything healthy and eating nothing but candy. :lol:

On the clam thing, I was very suprised he didn't go for that. I had trouble cracking that puppy open too! I thought you could cut through the back muscle and it would open...as if! :roll: I had to pry for a while all around it to crack it, then I put it in the tank with the top on open a bit and slightly sideways. I was wondering if I should take the top all the way off or put it in fully open for him. Maybe he didn't get it or I manhandled it to much??? Of course I didn't touch the inside at all.

He's happily trying to escape, as expected, but I want him healthy too! Any ideas???

This morning I put these in for him :snail:
I thought maybe these :goldfish:

Thanks guys!

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