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Octopus Feeding


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 14, 2005
I finally got a 6 inch O.Briareus from my lfs a couple of days ago. They told me that I only needed to feed it one crab every other day and I was wondering if this amount would be enough. I am also going out of town for a couple of days and was wondering if putting in 3 or 4 crabs would work or if the octopus would eat them all in a single day. Any info would really be appreciated.
! crab ever other day:shock: I suggest 2 a day. but it matters how big the crabs and octopus are.once I went away for a week and left my octopus 10 crabs for him to munch on. It worked pritty well. (I did have someone look in on him everyday to make sure he was ok but that should work.)
You need to feed your octopus every day. Octo don't overeat, so offer food and find out how much it wants. You should remove the uneaten food.

Some people try to cut costs by feeding a crab every other day and offering thawed frozen shrimp on the non-crab days. But all octopuses love their crab dinners! And it's important that they have some live food.

The first 36 hours he seemed really curious. He was moving all over the tank and sitting in different spots all day. The last day though, he has found a cave and hasn't really moved that far from it (that I have seen). I can only see a couple of his arms come out every now and then. I have been putting crabs in everyday and there is always a pile of crab shells outside of the cave within a few hours. Even though it hasn't come out lately, it is eating.
I had the same with my last octo. didn't see him during the day. but when it was dark he came out and crawled around in the tank.

I generally fed live crabs, but when I ran out, I also offered frozen foods. he did come out to take those, even in the middle of the day
Ossie won't eat frozen food; she's been spoiled by us. We keep blue-legged and red-legged hermit crabs in her tank, as well as a few snails and every few days, we drop a couple of ghost shrimp in her tank. She loves loves loves small red crabs as well.

I've no real evidence that she eats the snails. So far, what I can deduce from the remains is she plays with them to death. Most of the dead snails shells I've found are emptied, their carcasses floating intact nearby (as near as I can tell - I don't know what snail innards look like and I'm not about to do a really close up look.)

About the ghost shrimp, I've heard from others here that they aren't too nutritious so that's why I only give her a couple every few days. I think she's learning to pace herself with those since the last time, I found one alive instead of none.

Good luck with yours and let us know what happens
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as you prolly know - its normal for your little friend to stay in his/her den for the first few weeks of getting him/her... chances are that eventally he\she will come out to say hello and stay there..

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