Octopus encounters in Leigh Harbour

dwhatley;95026 said:
uhhh hummm, and exactly what is THAT supposed to imply:?:

Let me preface this with this: I know quite a few southerners that are perfectly normal, great people.
That being said, if you say "southerner" to someone from the Pacific Northwest, generally their minds fill with images of NASCAR and Jeff Foxworthy :roll: . I am not saying it is right, just saying that the stereotype exists.....
ahem.......didn't mean to start a verbal riot :biggrin2: In NZ a Southerner is one from the South Island and in the SI a person from Southland! I am a Southerner from the South Island BUT I am not from Southland but Otago the next province up!

There is a friendly rivalry between the North and South Islands especially if the Northerners are from Auckland :lol:

It also tends to get colder the further south you go (and the closer to Antarctica you get!!!!)

Steve O'Shea;94979 said:
A road trip most indeedy! Waste no time!
Pack and go tonight!!

Hahaha, if I didn't have to hold down a job to pay for my house, car, fish tanks, etc. I would have become a beach bum long ago.

I'm actually going to San Diego, California at the end of this month for a few days. I plan on spending some time diving.
Animal Mother, I hope you mean snorkeling. If you have never seen the ocean, diving is not something you can do without training and it would be best for all of us if you kept your lungs (not to mention other hazzards) in tact.

Taollan, I hate to admit it but your version of NASCAR Southern is more than just stereotypical. You can count me out of the stereotype but I am afraid that does not make me normal. However, I am from Gainesville, GA :biggrin2: Happy Birthday John Smoltz and long manage Bobby Cox - GO BRAVES!


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