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Octopus Availability

Tom has a few octos... Says these are the last for the season for him as crab season has ended. Only others he will get are in the winter and those will be the mercs.
This would be really good timing if I could have just a little success with Kooah's brood but I am not betting the ranch on it.
She closed herself in the den on April 10th but I did not see eggs until April 19th. I am going to assume that the 10th marks the beginning of the egg laying so we are at 5 weeks. I will post more photos in a bit - obvious chromatophores coming up!

I tried to find a specific requirement on the site but I only found a $70 animal minumum statement. It may be when you checkout you have to give your organization though. I think I will try to email them to see what they say. It might be interesting to try a joubini and the pictures suggests these might not be mercatoris. If they will sell to the public, I will inquire on that further.

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