Mar 23, 2005
Well how bummed out am I. My reef tank is cruising along nicely, mininum maintenance required. I decided this morning it was about time to start setting up my long long long waited for bimac tank. So let's take a trip to our favorite online bimac shop, octopets.com

....wait a minute, where is it? It's gone?!?! ...bummer.....

A quick trip to my favorite Ceph site confirmed my suspicions. What oh what am I to do. Octopets seemed to be held so high in the world of bimac sales, and they just drift off into the abyss?

Anyway, I'm rambling... I guess I'll have to put off my bimac tank for a few more months... bummer again... I guess my reef tank could always use more attention.

So I hope my rant finds all our members in good spirits, and if Nancy happens to see this, it's nice to see you on the reef central forums.
Yeah, they went "kaput" a while back. Nancy opened up [url2=http://www.tonmo.com/community/index.php?threads/5571/]this thread[/url2] to allow folks to trade info on where one might get themselves an octo.