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Octopet feedback


Blue Ring
Aug 21, 2004
I am planning on placing an order with octopets in the next week or so and was interested in any feed back the forum had. I like the fact that the octos are aquacultured and should be hardier than wild caught spec. Has anyone had great problems with D.O.As? How hard is the care for the clams they sell for food? Any info you can give about octopets is greatly apreciated. :mrgreen:

Donnie Darko
Hi and incase I didn't say this.... :welcome:

I quess your question was missed, so I will respond!!! I have gotten 2 octopuses from Octopets! Both came in perfect shape! I was able to track their progress from Ca to NJ which was great!!!

I haven't ordered any clams with them, as I live by the shore and start my babies with tiny hermit crabs. If you do a search on Octopets on this site you will find other posts about them.

There are quite a few of us who have received our Bimacs from them and have had possative experiences!!!

Hi! I would like to say that I recently ordered an octopus, pods, and clams from octopets. Everything seemed to arrive fine and lively.. I put the octopus in one tank and the food in another, and that other tank crashed. I am not sure if this is due to putting in dead clams, or just putting too much stuff in at once.. so if you get them, I'd say take the time to sift through all of them.

Regardless of these dying, I don't know just how much use they would have served. While the clams are what the octopus is raised on, I felt they were a little on the small side.. to the extent that within a month or two they probably would not be very helpful at all. Also from what I understand, these are kind of a pain to feed/keep alive. If I were to order another one, I would skip the clams.

Also -- For the price, if you can get hermit crabs for around $1 each, I feel like this would pretty much equal the nutrition from 10 of these baby clams.. and it feels like they would be a lot easier to manage and keep alive.

Not an expert, just giving you some of my opinions and experience! Good luck

Robert :cyclops:

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