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octo proofing new tank


Mar 8, 2008
Hello. First time on forum. In the planning stage need suggestions on making tank secure. So far the plan is a 55gal. w/ L.R.&L.S. for bio., the biggest wet/dry I can get my hands on cheaply (probably 20-30gal.) and in-sump skimmer for mech.. I will need to use a pre-filter as my tank has no built-in overflow. My main concern is securing the pre-filter overflow. Next concern is the lid. I figure a versa-top would work best but they still leave an inch or so of open space in back. Need suggestions on how to best deal with that. I want it to look as streamline as possible.


TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: to TONMO. You might want to consider drilling, since that makes it much easier to escape-proof. I don't know about versa-tops, but an inch in the back would be a serious problem even for large octos... a lot of people use either a lot of duct tape, or screw-down latches (often plastic screws to avoid metal-related problems.) If you're interested in drilling, DHyslop wrote up some good instructions a while back... there are a number of people's reports on octo-proofing strategies around.