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Octo proof overflow/U Tube

Jan 8, 2004
Have scoured the previous post database, and need to know if anyone has ever came up with a solution to covering either the overflow or the U tube. Had fiberglass screen on my U tube and regardless of cleaning it can clog any time it feels like it. Tried to widen the gage to no effect and started wondering if that was not a bad idea in the first place. That stuff I now believe is an alien reject from Star Trek!!!!!

Alll advice is appreciated! :biggrin2:
Thanks BOE
It's a Bimac and a wee little 2 month old at that. I do not want to restrict water flow, as much as possible, and every screen I have tried is a nightmare.

I don't mind cleaning them if it works!
I had a little baby first and althoug i dont have an overflow i have alot of pipes comming in and out of the tank which meant alot of little crevises that i had to make escape proof...

The answer...

FLY WIRE... and marine safe silicon.

i was able to seal the whole tank, and when I get my new tank in a couple of weeks with the overflow I gonna do the same thing... leave the exiting screen on though if I were you and put the fly wire over it, you will have to clean it every day probably but as soon as the octo i big enough you want to be able to just take the fly wire off with as little hassle as possible - if the old screen already there you'll have no worries!

Hope this helps..

Appreciate the advice!

Went to a local store with the wife and picked up a needle point weaving thingy. (sorry not my area of study) I removed a series of connecting joints? And Viola' no more resistance on the suction. I Attached by cable tie, and so far really good results. :biggrin2:

However, as with the last screen experience, I have little faith. But, so far so good!

Tnx, will definately will keep your post in mind if I have to go to plan C or is it G no wait K! :bonk:
both are easy to find at lowes/home depot/any hardware type place you like.... (i know after rescreening many a window for my folks as a youth) i imagine the synthetic is easier to work with.....
I've used the little mesh bags for organic veggies - cleaned them very well, and then cut strips. Was as good as anything.

Some people have used cable ties for fastening, other rubber bands.

Krogey thats what I used :lol: But I just call it screen.

It clogged to easily in my system. Used a weaving mat from a craft store, with great results 8)

Oh and by the way yes we have a lot of bugs in florida
What about adding a lid to the overflow box where the slots match( of course drilling a hole in the lid so the suction tube can enter the box) - then the box would work as designed ( the same could be done with a pvc cap on a uplift tube of a drill tank).
Image include of my thoughts
Good idea, as I crossed this thought too in my preperation, but I had to concerns going this route.

1. was not convinced the octo could not fit in groves. Bimacs are small when young, and anything their beak can get through so can they. If they made past groves, still have same problem with tube.

2 in my tank that lid had to be flat. Looks like you have it raised. It would hit the top of my tank.

It may work, and I wish you luck!!

If you choose to do this, please let us know how it worked!
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