Nov 20, 2002
Indeed, besides my fondness for all things ceph, I also have a weakness for The Muppet Show, and received all episodes on VHS as a gift. This weekend I watched one I had not seen before starring James Coburn. The opening act is three muppet octos who play drums. Animal cannot deal with their calm and steady pacing, freaks out, and starts wreaking havoc. The result is scared muppet octopuses popping out throughout the show, as well as one that joins Statler and Waldorf in the peanut gallery. There are enough octo-puns in this episode to be worthy of the groaners thread. :lol: I will happily dub it for anyone who is interested.
Ha! The Muppet Show was great -- but I don't recall the particular episode. Sounds like fun. I'm curious as to what a Henson octopus muppet might look like...
They were sort of a light blue color, rather large, with those big googly eyes, and normal "humanistic" mouths ( that is, when they spoke, it was not from the beak by their belly) They didn't say much, just sort of squeaked, and one laughed a lot. Oh, they were also wearing band hats - you know, those tall hats with the plumes that people wear in parades? I would love to have one of those octomuppets hanging around my place.
If you are able to view things on american VHS (I know that there are all these craaazy formats the world over) I would gladly dub it for you nad ship it across the high seas. I'll have to look and see if I have the octopus garden episode. I should, seeing as I have the whole time-life collection, but it is referred to as the "best" of the muppets, not "all" of the muppets.
Ahh, yes! I have fond memories of watching the muppets! I've always had a soft spot for Beeker and Kermit. I have not seen the octopus drummers episode. Perhaps I will take you up on your offer of a copy of the episode! I will be in Alb. on the 25th (Jan.). If it is inconvenient to rendezvous with you I could email you my address. Let me know.

Did they infiltrate "Piiiiiiiiigssss Iiiiiiiin Spaaaaaaacccce?"?

I still love the muppets too! I belive that my wee sis managed to get a few of them on VHS or was it DVD? Dunno... cant remember... anyways I always liked the big monsters the best.... Sweetums was one i think!


doo doo do do do
Excellent discovery Dr Honeydew! Since that photo lists all the episodes in which octopuses appear, I will do some research after I get home from work tonight and see if I have them all. Perhaps they could be compiled into a glorious octomuppet frenzy! I shall report back with my findings on monday.

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