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octo and cuttle tanks faceing?


Aug 6, 2006
i have 2 4 ft tanks conected by 2 overflows. 1 tank has fish, live rock and inverts, and the other just has sand, liverock, equipment etc. i was wondering if i could put 1 or 2 cuttlefish in the 2nd tank or would they get too stressed and get butt burn or ink up the system. and if i do get cuttles do i have to get a heater guard.
Well for Cuttlefish, im sure their's people on here that know a lot more than me. I don't think they'll "ink up" the system...depends what systems your talking about. Keeping two cuttlefish in the same tank is something other peeps know about on here, but octopus and cuttelfish cannot be kept together. Usually one will scare the other causing one to live in total stress and you can't have that happen.

A heat guard should be used of course because especially the octopus will get burnt out of curiosity. Im guessing thats if the heater is inside the tank.

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