Octi & TV


Aug 9, 2004
I used to have Ollie's tank next to my TV in my room, since I have moved I have now set up my new! and definatly IMPROVED tank in front of my TV, I used to notice that Ollie would watch TV, most likely out of curiosity, and becasue she liked the interaction, much like us. Has anyone ever noticed such behavior in their own Octi or cuttles?
Good question! The most recent octo owner to notice octo TV watching was Carol (corw314), who reported that G2 may have been watching TV. I asked the question in an earlier post and got several reports of octo TV watching. They seem to like cartoons and sports the best!

You could try water proofing your remote, see what they like!!! Im definately gonna try stuff like that when I get my octo. The possibilities......
its kinda funny i play cs and it watches me and flashes colors when i shoot and get flash banged goes nuts climbing all over the corner of the tank closest to the computer it really funny until the other night when i was on and forgot to close the lid and squirt water all over my monitor and tower! it sucked but was funny

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