Octavia - O. hummelincki


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Sep 4, 2006
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Coming soon to an aquarium near me :sagrin:


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No name yet so I won't post species until she has a name just to let a few non-staffers (or Alex) guess since we have not seen many of these lately and we have a lot of new members.

At capture site


With Crab

In The Tank (after 1 hr 40 min sitting in container tearing apart (but not eating) a thawed crab)

I am a little worried that she may be close to brooding. Within hours of entering the tank she was coming to the front to see us and allowed me to pet her for 3 or more minutes, several times. This is not normal immediate behavior. She looks like Octane and OhTwo and not like Maya or Serendipity so I am crossing my fingers really really hard that she will not brood in the next couple of weeks.


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It sort of looks like my new BIMAC! But i'm just an FNG to keeping OCTO's so not really sure, congrats on the new addition! I do believe mine is female also but not sure, she is friendly too.
Blaster, you are close in your observation but off in the guess. This is a Caribbean, warm water animal.

Yes, you have it Alex but this was way too easy for you and is why I explicitly exclude you :sagrin:

Since I had the camera out, she would not come up and play tonight but showed more interest than I expected (they tend to interact the first time and then be timid for about 3 days but she is so fast to interact, I gave it a try anyway). Later I could not find her and was worried since IMO this species does not usually stay hidden a lot (or do a lot of squeezing into small spaces). Ultimately I spotted her as a rock in the front of the tank :oops:. My son (who is color blind so it is even more difficult) could not see her until I approached and caused her to change colors a little.
If you click on the thumbnail under the title "with crab" the purple is visible. The telltale eyespot (ocellus) is hard to see in any of the pictures but it is O. hummelincki (or as much as any of them have been as this species has a few mysteries).
Thanks GPO87 but the best one is not mine :oops:.

She spent the first night on the wall. We see this frequently and I wonder if they wait to see who might own the potential dens before adopting one. Last night she took a den and now she is not coming out (but is eating) so her behavior is closer to normal for a newly tank acclimated animal. Hopefully, she will start coming out within the next two weeks and then not immediately start brooding. We see the brood after two weeks so often with the females of this this species that I can't help but add that to my normal first two weeks of breath holding.
Who did you get this one from?
Philipp of K&P Aquatics (formerly Sealife Inc.) caught her for me. He even identified her species with his own research :biggrin2:. Philipp is new to the collecting industry but Kara (spouse) has been doing this since she was very young so I had to laugh when Philipp was the first to ID an octo species that he had never seen before. I think this is only the second one he has caught on his own :biggrin2:

I saw Octavia dead center of the cross over tube and wondered if she was going to spend the night there. By the time I got the camera out I was only able to get this not so good shot before she moved. Her interest in the tube, it turns out, was a snail that she was consuming.

She is not as red as the photo implies. I keep a red light on 24/7 for half the tank. Interestingly all octos living in this tank choose the red lit side for dens until they are brooding/senescent then they move to the "dark side" :roll:


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Octavia reminds me so much of Octane at the height of his interaction. She has learned when supper should be served, takes anything offered by hand and comes up to the interaction corner almost any time I come into the room. I have been trying to get an interaction video but she has seemed to sense the camera an stopped playing when I turn it on. I guess last night she decided it was no longer a problem because I took tons of video. This one is rather long but shows a lot about how she interacts.


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