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Ocho's 6 Month Update

Aug 10, 2006
I haven't posted in a few months although I still visit and read very regularly. Just wanted to give a little update. The beautiful, long legged Ocho is doing very well and is actually living longer than I expected. When I got her at the end of July, she was pretty much full grown. I was gonna consider myself lucky if she lasted til Christmas. Well, the holidays came and went although I think there might be a few signs of age (a few spots of skin pigment staying white) but she's still kickin....I mean suckin. Still very content living underneath my undergravel filter which is fine and makes for a giant den to roam around in. It is still very awesome to watch her squeeze her 5 inch mantle and near 2 foot legspan down a crack just a little bit thicker than a coin or 2. I think this will be my last octopus with an UGF though. Ocho lifted up a corner just enough for a small crab to get underneath which worries me because I wouldn't be able to get to the remains which would compromise water quality. I'm gonna go with the live rock route from here on out. So Ocho has been getting a lot more thawed frozen shrimp lately which she seems perfectly ok with. Ocho has remained nocturnal coming out in late evening. I feed her about 4:50AM as I'm getting ready for work. Ocho has always had a tankmate which is a damsel. She is a very non aggressive little fish and has never caused a problem. I keep the tank at about 74 degrees, salinity 1.026 and a 20% water change every 2 weeks. I run filter floss and carbon 24/7 in a HOB filter and of course, a skimmer. I thinks that's pretty much it unless anyone has some questions. Now, a few pictures.....


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Mar 8, 2004
wow! Ocho's a really beautiful octopus! thanks for the report and pictures...


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May 30, 2000
Great update Phuntoon, thanks! Stuck this thread temporarily for front page promotion...
Aug 10, 2006
Wow, I check back into the TONMO site and what do I see....Ocho front page!? Thanks Tony, that really means a lot to me! I appreciate everyones kind words on Ocho as well. She is definately an insteresting creature which always keeps me amazed. Never predictable yet seems very comfortable in her surroundings and is easy on the eyes. I'll snap some more pics and get them up soon...

Scuba Kid;86699 said:
She's beautiful! What species?

Thanks! I posted Ocho in the ID forum a few weeks after I got her and most came to the conclusion of a Macropus. She seems to have most of the physical characteristics of Macropus but its hard to be 100% sure because of a few differences I've noticed.
Jan 3, 2007
Ocho's 6 Month Update

I'm considering using an UGF as a way to simply keep the water moving,
I'll place my live rock on top of the plates and use dual power heads to move the water.
For the front and sides I would like to use smooth beach stones to cover the UGF plates.
I'm new to this octo business so does this sound reasonable?
I hope so because I collected the beach stones myself which will make the whole thing alot more worthwhile.
I plan to employ a wet/dry so the UGF will only be for water movement and whatever incidental filtration takes place.
Thanks to all and have a great day!

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