Ochi update

Jan 8, 2004
Hello everyone!

Just wanted to post and say Ochi is doing great!! We are having alot of fun together! He is eating like a madman! He is still very partial to the baby clams, but will eat snail and shrimp as well.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been installing a sprinkler system in my yard, and feel as If a GPO has been kicking my hinny for the last week.

It almost done, so I will be able to get back to sharing Ochi developments better very soon.

Nancy, I have still been keeping my Journal! :smile:
Good to hear that Ochi's doing well! I'll look forward to hearing more about him soon.

Sprinkler systems are a lot of work, but wonderful once they're installed. And entertaining to watch, too.

I'm always glad to hear that you're keeping up with your journal. You'll be glad you did, and we'll enjoy reading it, too.

We'd appreciate some more Ochi pics, too!

Thanks everyone!! :biggrin2:

I promise to get some good pics as soon as I can! Prolly last night working on my sprinklers. YEAH!!!

Nancy, sprinklers are alot of work!!! I had no idea this was my first run at my own instal, so I have prolly done some extra work, but I did it myself and saved a ton of cash, for Ochi food of course :P

It was entertaining to watch them clean all my neighbors house when I first fired them up, not one went in the right direction. I few of my neighbors that were there for the festivities actually got drenched :lol:

Back on topic, the journal has already been an interesting read, alot has happened so quick, there is no way to remember it all without jotting it down!!

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