o. mercatoris....

Jan 25, 2008
ok i will have alot of questions over the next few months because i recently ordered a pygmy octopus from caribbean creatures so my first few questions are.......

1. where is the best place to get octo food from?
(i ordered thirty hermits with him)
2. how big they get

3. how long they live

i know i shold know all these thing already but ive cycled a 20 gallon tank for 3 months and coppers never been used in the tank so thats all good anyway
thanks for the help,
Sep 8, 2006
1. www.aquaculturestore.com is a pretty good source for fiddler crabs and shore shrimp. There are some other people posting that they sell crabs also for reasonable prices. You might dig around in the forums for that info. My mercatoris liked hermits, others have said their mercs didn't.

2. They can get up to 5 inches, mantle to arm tip. Mine was quite a bit smaller topping out at a little over 3 inches mantle tip to arm tip.

3. 6-8 months is the average life expectancy, but Dwhatley has raised a generation of mercs from eggs and some of them have lived 13 months and still going. She swears by Cyclops-eeze, and apparently the "proof is in the pudding".