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[Octopus Eggs]: O. mercatoris eggs


Dec 8, 2021
Hello! I am so excited to share my first post on here after lurking around for a bit of time. I currently have two octopuses an O. mercatoris and what I believe may be a species apart of the Abdopus genus. I want to focus this post on my O. mercatoris as a few weeks she had produced eggs and I believe they may be fertile ,but I would appreciate some other opinions. I recently noticed what seem to be developing eye spots in the eggs ,and they are suspiciously symmetrical leading me to believe there could be development going on. Before getting my octopus I knew there could have been a possibility she may have mated before I received her ,and made sure to also research the care of offspring in the off chance something like this happened. I understand that if the eggs are truly fertile and I eventually get paralarvae it will most definitely be a bit difficult to raise them, but I’m up for the task and I think it will be something great for the zoology class I’m TA’ing to experience.


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