Nut hatching on 01 Feb 2009

Oct 22, 2007
  • Surprise surprise.
    Last crab that approaches to Nut's den came out alive, but without half legs... was quite suspicious. I cannot describe the feeling of discovering this, a mix of worried, sadness, and happiness for the new hatching....
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Well... congratulations and sorry at the same time.

On the bright side, those babies can be raised so hopefully you'll have a brand new generation of briareus. Might be time to set up a live mysis tank.
Thanks AM, yes its time to set up that mysis. I've a friend of mine that will help me... hopefully :sagrin: if I dont receive support the revenge will be terrible :tomato:

Seems its time for hatching, on friday 30th I also got a Lysmata Serticaudata new generation. Was preparing a post for the live cultures section as proposed...

But yes, ...terrible sensation I have... :sad:

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