Not the kinda job you'd find on, I s'pose...

Jun 8, 2004
Hey, everyone! Been awhile since my last post...however, I totally dig the the way, great history pages, Steve 'n' Kat! :notworth: Glad to know there's a place where you can brush up on your ceph taxonomy... :biggrin2:

My brain wandered off on me while I was doing some background research on different grad schools (for genetics), but since I've always had an interest in marine biology, it's still in the back of my mind. How in demand are ceph specialists nowadays?? (I remember when I was 14, I wrote an e-mail to John Forsythe, declaring my fascination with his research. That'd be a pretty kick-ass job, if I must say so myself... :smile: )

Thanks for the assistance! 'Till another day, I s'pose... :smile:

~ Claudia, enthusiastic Larval Mass :heee:
...yaaaaaaah! I can't believe I'm responding to my *own* post again! :roll:

Just wanted to send a shoutout to Phil, too for the cool ceph history factoids...don't wanna exclude anyone. :biggrin2:
sasakii_9 said:
Just wanted to send a shoutout to Phil,

:oops: Aw shucks, Claudia. Good to have you back. You know it's the feedback that keeps one contributing, so cheers!

Look forward to your contributions.

See ya!


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