Not Ceph related, but interesting, albeit sad...

Dec 24, 2002
British Scientist Killed by Leopard Seal

This is a sad story, but a cautionary one to those snorkeling around "cute" animals like seals and other marine mammals.

The leopard seal, Hydrurga leptonyx, is a large seal with a fondness for penguins. In fact, they are known to shake the birds with such ferocity that the skin is quite literally thrown free of the body (yuk!). I have been face to face with an elephant seal, Mirunga angustirostris, and I can tell you that marine mammals look a lot less cute when they are threating to kill you. Still though, I've never heard of a leopard seal attacking a human... sad... very sad.

Sorry this wasn't a more happy post. Next one will hopefully be more upbeat.

I don't think she was a victim of the "disney-fied" populace, just made a mistake, and being in the wrong place at the wrong does go to show however, that all of these animals have the capability to be lethal...sometimes we get too comfortable with wildlife, and it bites back...sad story.
Yea this is a very sad story :cry: and I must agree when we get to comfortable with nature we for get that it has teeth. I feel for her family and friends.
Sad but a reminder to all none the less...

Lets hope we never get the '...killed by pet blue ring octopus' headline

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