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Nov 19, 2002
A paper was presented at CIAC about the Vibrio mutualism with Euprymna scolopes, E. tasmanica and E. hyllebergi, with some discussion of when the babies acquire the bacteria. Can't remember the particulars but the paper, when it comes out, should be:

Nishiguchi, M.K.; Jones, B.W. Population dynamics of a sepiolid squid-Vibrio mutualism from the Indo-west Pacific.


Mar 19, 2006
Hello from a fellow Floridian, scuba diver, and ceph enthusiast! Just wondering what size tank a small group of these guys might need? I'm sure others would be interested to know!

Tonmo, its your future, I see a... I see....... a Squid Care subforum!!!!!!


Mar 28, 2006
You guys have me a bit overwhelmed with the welcomes. Thank you, from my heart.

Jean, from down under. incredible!!! I've always dreamed of going there some day. You've got me dreaming again. :sun:

cuttlegirl, Euprymna did a great job explaining that phenomenon. Better than I could. Thanks, Euprymna.

Well looks like you got a freakin parade in your you have quite a resume...its great to have you here
I don't know how to respond except to say thank you, each and every one of you. I am so happy i found this forum.

I have had a love affair with Cephs for 30 plus years and I just found a group of wonderful fellow cephalopodicmaniacs. Hmmm, I think I just added a word to the english cryptic language. :lol::belemnit:

Tintenfisch, I'll contact the Professors I worked with at the U of WI and see if they know about the paper. Thanks.

Roctopus, It turns out they can be kept in rather small quarters. Our adult female systems were 100 gallons plus a sump area of about 30 gallons. The holding system consisted of an Acrylic aquarium, the dimensions of which were 72x32x12 with a water depth of 10". Each tank was devided equally into 8 compartments, each measuring approximately 18" x 16" with water depth at 10". so they don't need a lot of room. However, males and females must be kept seperate. You know those darn males, all they have on their mind is breeding so they must be kept seperately. The females, if kept and feed properly could be housed together in small groups. But, keep in mind they are territorial and if conditions are not met there will be cannibalism.

Again, thank you for the great welcome.