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night light


O. bimaculoides
Dec 21, 2002
what is a good way to light up my tank at night to see my nocturnal octopus without disturbing it . Are ther any L E D systems and what color light to use
Hi Manny,

Some octo owners have used red light (a red cover over an aquarium light, for instance).

I have also seen advertisements for a "moonbeam" light, which might be worth investigating.

well I got the answer to my own question I went to radio shack today and got a red super bright LED light bulbpart # 276-086 for $3 I hooked it up to a DC power converter 4.5 volts and went down to my tank were my little octopus who disapears at the first sign of light lives. It was dark there in the basement and I already had everything hooked up so I pointed the LED light at the tank and my little octo was just going about his bussines I pointed the light at his face and it was like nothing happened no reaction at all I thru a fish in and watched him stalk it till it came within reach and he grabed it this thing is great I read somewhere that they cant see red light so I tried it I also tried some other voltage settings I figure more power more light but when you pass 6 volts the bulb burns out well tomorow I'm getting about four more bulbs and hooking them all up
Hi Nancy
I saw those lights in a pet shop the thing is they cost $40 and come with one red and one blue light you have to buy other lights the blue light is not good from what I have read they see it and if they are nocturnal like mine they dont come out
as far as the LED lights I put together they didnt work that great after all I didnt seal them and the conections corroded after one day but what I did do is I bought the lights alone from the HI LIGHT system drsfostersmith.com has them for $9.99 each and got a 6 volt transformer from radio shack soldered the wires together when you strip the wires from the light white is positive and black is negative . The lights are great they are water proof and have a little suction cup with a joint on it to point the light wherever you like ,OR you can save yourself the trouble and just buy the system that comes with 2 lights 1green 1 blue (the colors are no good for nocturnal species) for $40.
I have used the Red Hi Lite LED's for about a year now, they are ideal for night time illumination. Even really nocturnal species will come out when there on. The good thing is they are water proof and do not corrode when they get wet. Do not put them under water in Octopus aquariums, they may try and eat them!
Attached is a pic of my octo trying to eat one. It's not everyday your Octopus is illuminated from under it's webs. It stole it from the lid at feeding time. Those arms get everywhere :smile:

What a great pic!

PS the octo i got yesterday is a bit like Octopus aculeatus P238-239 Norman's book.

the description is perfect for the one I have, including the excellent camouflage, never seen anything like this before! I think the other octo they had in was a 'vulgaris type'... but not familiar either, buts thats the joy of cephs eh? No 'Californians' yet, but Ive been told they'll tell me when.

I also picked up a cool wee mantis and a dot dash blenny for my GF. She's happy! :smile:

I'll post some pics as soon as.......
What an incredible "radioactive octopus" photo - reminds me of Godzilla's glow as he's soaking up the nuclear power!

And you got a lot of nice new pets too, Colin!

If you want to do something...ANYTHING...and I do mean ANYTHING...with LEDs for a tank, go here:


This is a marvellous forum devoted to any and all things flashlight-related, with a very robust section of LED aficionados. If you asked nice and offered some funds, one of them would most likely be very happy to try building you something as elaborate as you could wish. I like that off-the-shelf radioactive octo light, though! :biggrin2:
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