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May 30, 2000
TONMO.com Newsletter - July 4, 2021
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Hi tonmo,

Hey, long time no newsletter! And a Happy July 4th to our community members in the United States. Let's have a look at what's happening in the world of cephs:

· sedna's videos:
ICYMI, our robotic friend octobot is now monitoring our YouTube channel, and starts a new thread on TONMO whenever a new video is posted there. Right now, all the content is coming from Elizabeth Nitz (sedna on TONMO), who, as you may know, is a ceph-keeping rock star. She is well-known across several social media ceph communities, but none more important to us than her much-appreciated contributions as TONMO staff member. Check out her journal below to get a sense of what she offers.

One of her videos, "Release the Kestra!", has a staggering 6.2 MILLION (!) views on YouTube. She has a bunch of other videos there as well, with many others garnering thousands and 10's of thousands of views on their own. Why so many views? Because she's an expert hobbyist with a gorgeous tank, and she's happy to share her learnings with all of you. Cool stuff. Check out the TONMO YouTube Channel, and please do subscribe!

· sedna's Baby Kraken Journal:
Speaking of sedna, her current housemate is Baby Kraken, who is getting quite a bit of attention with her vibrancy. Check out her journal, which includes some great tank videos, here.

· Tomh Cephs:
Are you an informed ceph-keeper with a ceph-worthy tank? TONMO member and sponsor Tomh is back to offering cephalopods via mail order, anywhere in the U.S. Check out his dedicated forum. He currently has Bimacs available, as posted here... and don't forget about our policy which governs this program, as posted here. If you want to be notified when his dedicated forum has new threads, just click the "Watch" button/link on his forum page; he's regularly adding stock.

· Cephalopod Citizen Science: Interview with Tony Morelli:
Hey, that's me! So yeah, back to YouTube, I had the opportunity a few months back to speak with Dr. Gavan Cooke (username GavanMCooke, another TONMO staff member) about the TONMO community -- what it is, why I launched it, what we stand for, and where it's going. I really enjoyed the discussion, and hope to do it again soon -- it's an in-depth conversation, yet there is still so much to cover. You can view it here.

· Cephalopod Week:
The folks at Science Friday did a great job holding up the annual tradition of Cephalopod Week; I shared a few of the tweets early on here in this thread, but if you want to get a full sense, the hashtag of #CephalopodWeek on Twitter will offer you some happy scrolling.

Wow, I am barely scratching the surface; there is so much more happening. Take this amazing encounter with Joubiniteuthis portieri, for example. Hopefully you get our "Bubbles from the deep" emails, which octobot sends if you haven't visited for a couple of weeks; it offers a digest of the threads you may be missing. If you're not getting it, it may mean that you haven't visited in a REAL long time, in which case, do come back around and check in with us -- login here.

Don't forget to catch up on all the cephalopod news happening around the world, as sourced by octobot and lovingly vetted by yours truly:

· octobot's News Desk

Enjoy the rest of your weekend; see you online!

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