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May 30, 2000
ICYMI, this was sent last week to registered members who opt in for TONMO communications, and have logged in within the past year or so:

TONMO.com Newsletter - December 28, 2020
ISSUE #185 -- Our 2020 Year In Review
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Hi tonmo,

Happy Holidays! There's a lot to say about 2020, but we are a cephalopod community, and as far as we know, there are no cases of COVID in cephalopods. (...although...) ...Well in any case, let's have a look back at some of the (other) important and wonderous cephy events of 2020:

· Our 20th Anniversary: Hard to believe, but we've been cranking out cephy goodness for 20 years. Thank you for being a part of it!

· New Ceph Book: Danna Staaf (Danna) illuminated cephalopod history and fossils in her wonderful new book, Monarchs of the Sea. Coincident with its launch, she offered a great excerpt for the TONMO community, titled The Extinction of Ammonites.

· Netflix Documentary: My Octopus Teacher made quite the splash, and not just with ceph-heads. It has already won a bunch of awards, and there are likely more on the way.

· Living Ram's Horn Squid Spotted: Never seen -- swimming upside-down... not expected!

· Thirteen New Cephalopod Journals: Our awesome membership created 13 new journals in 2020 (so far!)... Find them here.

· Community Support: In 2020, we welcomed two new staff members to our community: Peter Kilian (pkilian) and Dr. Gavan Cooke. Peter is actively helping TONMO members with their aquarium pursuits, and Gavan and I are discussing collaboration opportunities for going forward.

· Website Updates: We had a couple/few waves of site updates and improvements, including a new set of updates just in the past week (mostly navigational). If the features and functionality offered by TONMO are of any interest to you, you can watch this thread to stay connected. And when I say "watch" - I mean, click the Watch button!

I'm sure I'm missing a few big things, including a political reference to the mighty Kraken (which did not live up to billing), but what's listed out above is a good start. Let's make 2021 a great year for BOTH cephalopods and our fellow human beings!

Here are a few more happenings since our last Newsetter:


· [Cuttlefish Eggs]: Hatching Journal - eggs collected at local beach

· [Octopus]: Baby Bimac

· [Octopus]: Dax, O. briareus

Tom Hlavac has shared a few of his great diving vids; here's one:

· A PGO and yelloweye rockfish neighbors at Oak Leaf Park, near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island

One of our Facebook followers shared an usual image, indeed:

· Twin sepia bandensis embryos

Member jordanbaker2408 seeks expert assistance on anesthesia, and gets it:

· GPO Anesthesia (AZA)

Since our last newsletter in October, we have had six new member introductions. Please join me in welcoming our newest TONMO members!

· Good Morning From Salt Lake City, Utah!

· Hello from Vancouver Island.

· Hi from a cephalopod-philosopher

· Howdy!

· Hi New to cephs

· Hey All!

Don't forget to catch up on all the cephalopod news happening around the world, as sourced by octobot and lovingly vetted by yours truly:

· octobot's News Desk

There is so much more happening within our community -- we look forward to your own contributions!

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