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May 30, 2000
ICYMI, this was sent yesterday to registered members who opt in for TONMO communications, and have logged in within the past year or so:

TONMO.com Newsletter - October 2, 2020
ISSUE #184 -- Forum Updates Are Here!
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Hi tonmo,

GREETINGS! It has been a few months since the last Newseltter, and there's a lots going on -- which is saying a lot in the year 2020! It's the very cephy month of October, and although I'm feeling the empty hole that should have been filled with another amazing TONMOCON, I am glad we pulled the plug on it early to minimize disruptions. It was clearly the right call... And we are no strangers to being online, anyhow. Lots to cover there, so let's get right to it:

FORUM UPDATE: As promised in our prior newsletter, we've updated our forum software! It happened just the other day, and the features are far too numerous for me to list here. Also, I've yet to make all the configurations required in order to bring the new capabilities to life. Two important things to call out: 1) you'll see we have some new forum and thread types -- most notably, articles (which offer very dynamic layout options when creating a new thread) and questions (with upvote and "solved" features for replies). And 2), you can now install TONMO as an app on your compatible device (android, iOS, Windows). Look for the Install icon in your browser's URL field, and on moible you can also check the bottom of the navigation menu on the left side for a link to install. There's a LOT more here, and a lot more on the way. Watch this thread to stay on top of it all.

ICYMI: Danna Staaf (Danna) has a great new book for all of us history and fossil ceph heads called Monarchs of the Sea, and she's provided an excerpt titled The Extinction of Ammonites which is definitely worthy of your time. It is indicative of the great authoring and insights she provides throughout the book - it's definitely one to pick up. What's also great is that we, the TONMO community, all share the honor of being cited by her within her Acknwoledgements section. It is a testament to your valuable contributions throughout our forums -- thank you!!

DOCUMENTARY: Also, in case you've been living under a rock (hmm, perhaps not too much of a stretch for a ceph community), Netflix has an amazing new documentary out called "My Octopus Teacher". There is a mostly :wink: great thread breaking down our respective assessments of it, here = but note it contains spoilers aplenty (after the first post)." If nothing else, the thread is an interesting read :smile:. Please do weigh in with any thoughts of your own!

And those are just the highlights. There's a lot more going on; glide your suckers over the following for a taste:


· New to Cephs: Just got a Mercatoris

· New Octopus, Help with ID?

· [Octopus]: Bubble & Squeak (O. mercatoris)

Jasper seeks input on the build-out of an octopus-friendly tank:

· Octopus Supplies Help

Member oslando33 is looking for some help from the community:

· Cuttlefish Releasing Mucous?

Member George Sims continues his graduate study journey, focusing on cephalopods, and he shares with us his first awesome presentation (note, after this Newsletter was sent, George clarified this blurb -- it's all laid out in the thread!):

· First presentation

Since our last newsletter in late July, we have four new member introductions. Please join me in welcoming our newest TONMO members!

· Hello! New to TONMO, not reefing

· Hi there!

· hello

· Hi from Vancouver!

Don't forget to catch up on all the cephalopod news happening around the world, as sourced by octobot and lovingly vetted by yours truly:

· octobot's News Desk

There is so much more happening within our community -- we look forward to your own contributions!

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