Newsletter Issue #181 -- Den Like An Octopus


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May 30, 2000
=================================== Newsletter - April 2, 2020
ISSUE #181 -- Den Like An Octopus
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Hi tonmo,

Yes, even your favorite cephalopod community is covering the topic -- COVID-19 is affecting the entire world. We agree with the consensus: it's best to stay safe, and stay home. Den like an octopus. Note, we have also paused the octopus shipment program. Regarding TONMOCON VIII, it remains scheduled for October 16-18 at MBL in Woods Hole, MA -- we are monitoring; no news to share and it remains on the books as of now. We set up a thread to cover general COVID-19 concerns; let us know how you are faring:
· [Featured]: COVID-19

Here's what else is happening around the community:

TONMO staff member DWhatley has maintained a great thread over the years, which lists articles and papers published by TONMO members. We've decided to split that thread out into its own forum, which each thread is an author. If you have your own publication to share, please start your own thread to let us know, or otherwise puruse some of the great writings of our resident cephalopod experts:
· Member Papers, Articles, and Published Research Forum

TONMO member whitewhale2003 is looking for input, via a new thread in the Tank Talk forum:
· New to cephalopods

TONMO staff member sedna has a journal for her new octopus, Kestra!
· [Octopus]: Kestra

Staff member Dr. James Wood (ceph) has captive born baby rock amemonies for sale:
· Captive born baby Rock Anemonies

TONMO staff member Dr. Roy Caldwell (Neogonodactylus) has contributed stunning pics of H. lunulata (Blue Ring) and O. chierchiae (LPSO)
· [Featured]: Dr. Roy Caldwell's Latest Photos: Blue Ring & LPSO

Welcome to TONMO, qiazopus and q_ball31, respectively:
· Ceph Researcher & Fan - happy to meet the community!
· lets be real...the kraken was an octopus

Don't forget to catch up on all the cephalopod news happening around the world, as sourced by octobot and lovingly vetted by yours truly:
· octobot's News Desk

There is so much more happening within our community -- we look forward to your own contributions!

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Jul 31, 2019
Great update! Stay safe and stay home if you can everyone! Here't to everything returning to normal sooner rather than later.