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May 30, 2000
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============================= Newsletter -- 12/6/19
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ISSUE #178 -- Conference Registration Now Open!
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Hi tonmo,

TONMO and Marine Biological Laboratory have reached an agreement for our 8th TONMOCON conference to return to their labs in Woods Hole, Massachusetts for the weekend of October 16-18, 2020. At #tcon7 (April 2018), we had a weekend full of presentations from cephalopod experts, authors and enthusiasts across the globe. We also got to tour the MBL labs... This was a one-of-a-kind experience for ceph lovers such as yourself, and we are planning to make this event even bigger and better than the last. I'll be putting out the call soon to prospective presenters and will forge the agenda. Reach out if you'd like to present! Meanwhile - good news, Registration is now open! Tell a friend, plan a party bus, it's going to be amazing!

· TONMOCON VIII Registration Now Open

Here's what else is happening around the community:

We currently have a few bimacs available for sale, if you are in the market, consider engaging on your journey through TONMO, our eligibility criteria ensures your efforts are made available for everyone's edification:

· [NOW AVAILABLE]: (updated 12/3): 3 bimacs for sale ($185 includes shipping; US only)

TONMO member dleo4590 (actually a husband and wife team!) is our most recent bimac customer, and has started a journal for Hank:

· [Octopus]: Hank the Bimac

dleo4590 happens to have another octo, albeit not sourced from TONMO, but we are grateful they have started a journal with us for their Carribean Reef Octopus, named Turq (short for turquoise):

· [Octopus]: Meet Turq!

Our very first customer, Spinelli1, documented his experience (including an unboxing video!) and his bimac Mr. Ocho continues to thrive:

· [Octopus]: Mr. Ocho (O.Bimaculoides)

Member pkilian has started a thread on a robust project to add six new acrylic tanks to his system. If you are into tank building, this is a must-see thread... photos, diagrams, and work in progress details herein:

· New Tanks!

Hey! Welcome back, iAlex! :biggrin2:

· Back... sorta

Don't forget to catch up on all the cephalopod news happening around the world, as sourced by octobot and lovingly vetted by yours truly:

· octobot's News Desk

There is so much more happening within our community -- we look forward to your contributions!

-- tonmo

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