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May 30, 2000
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=================================== Newsletter -- 11/1/19
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Hi tonmo,

Welcome to November! A few things happening around the community:

We are happy to announce that we are now able to offer octopuses for sale, as they become available. We do have some unique eligibility requirements, so please review them at the link below. When we launched, we had three bimacs for sale -- two have sold!

· [NOW AVAILABLE]: California two-spot octopus (O. bimaculoides) ($100 ea.+$50 shipping; US only)

Spinelli1 is one of the happy new owners of one of the bimacs mentioned above. He has started journal to share his observations and learnings:

· [Octopus]: Mr. Ocho (O.Bimaculoides)

We have a new Forum Sponsor, Octopus Life! Offering great t-shirts, Octopus Life now has a dedicated forum on TONMO; they welcome your questions, feedback, and orders!:

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Quite a story here: many years ago (2007), we had a huge, 19-page / 184-reply thread started by Steve O'Shea about a mysterious creature spotted swimming at the ocean's surface - Unknown Phylum. Any suggestions?. Fast forward to 2019, and there is new footage shared which pretty much puts the question to rest -- same behavior, and indeed, it does appear to be a blanket octopus, exhibiting some still-undetermined behavior:

· Possible blanket octopus?

Masonace12 is seeking feedback on whether a nudibranch is an acceptable tankmate for an octopus?

· Octopus vs Nudibranchs

ICYMI: Planning for TONMOCON VIII (#tcon8) is underway. As I shared last month, we are targeting October 16-18, 2020 to return to MBL (Marine Biological Labratory) in Woods Hole, MA for our next TONMOCON. Planning to go? Let us know... and be sure to "watch" this thread (upper right corner of the page) to get notified whenever there's a reply -- this applies to any thread you want to keep tabs on:

· [Must-Read]: TONMOCON VIII (#tcon8) Official Hoopla Thread

There's so much more going on - remember, Search is your friend! We've got over 19 years of content to peruse. That's a lot of ink!

· TONMO Search

-- tonmo

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