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May 30, 2000
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=================================== Newsletter -- 10/7/19
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ISSUE #176 -- *TONMOCON VIII* - Save The Date!
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Hi tonmo,

Don't forget, October 8th is World Octopus Day! Here's the classic TONMO thread that started it all:
· international ceph day

What better time than World Octopus Day to share with our subscribers news about TONMOCON VIII (#tcon8)? Next year is TONMO's 20th year (whoa), and we have our feeding tentacles focused on OCTOBER 16-18, 2020, back to MBL (Marine Biological Labratory) in Woods Hole, MA, where we held #ton7 in 2018. Further details are pending, but start planning (and request budget for!) a trip to this unique, accessible, and very immersive event for ceph experts, students, and enthusiasts. If you're new to this and want to get an idea of what these events are all about, dive in here:
· TONMOCON: The Biennial Cephalopod Conference

ICYMI: PBS aired a wonderful documentary titled, Octopus: Making Contact. Several TONMO members were interviewed for this program, and the TONMO Community is acknowledged in the ending credits. The link to the full episode online can be found in this thread:
· Octopus documentary on PBS Oct. 2

beccalopod is in search of photos for her work at the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum. Please lend a hand for the good of the ceph-loving public!
· In Search of Photos

Oslando33 is in search of filter sponge suggestions for a cuttle tank:
· Filter Sponges

After sharing this pic of what was ID'ed as the bottletail squid (Sepiadarium kochi), by Dr. Roy Caldwell (Neogonodactylus), a subsequent Twitter discussion called the ID into question; this remains unresolved at time of print:
· Photo: Sepiadarium kochi
· Twitter discussion

A couple reminders about the perils of keeping cephs in captivity:
· Rapid Decline and Loss
· Unexpected Eggs

...but sometimes it works out great (aside from a little bite); check out sedna's journal for her great octo, Theon:
· Theon - O. briareus Back with a new baby!

There's so much more going on - remember, Search is your friend! We've got over 19 years of content to peruse. That's a lot of ink!
· TONMO Search

-- tonmo

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