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May 30, 2000
Sigh... due to a configuration issue, this newsletter only went out to about 5% of the intended audience. But rather than spamming the 5% by re-sending, I'll only share it here. Hopefully August will go more smoothly!

================================= Newsletter -- 7/21/19
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From The Editor's Desk

Hi, tonmo,

Hope you are enjoying your summer! It's super-hot here... So hot, you could fry some calamari on the sidewalk! (pause for laughter...)

Cooler days ahead, though -- and speaking of cool, TONMOCON VIII planning has been slow but steady. Nothing to announce yet, but aim your feeding tentacles at October-ish 2020. Meanwhile, it's been a busy month, for sure. Let's get to it:

Okeanos dives are broadcast LIVE via Youtube, all day, every day, while on excursion. If you're in between jobs like I am, this makes for a wonderful stretch in the sabbatical. Here's a roll-up of the cephalopod-related tweets I sent throughout the event that wrapped up last week -- so many cephs!:

How about that giant squid, caught live on camera in the Gulf of Mexico? That was a first, for US waters. TONMO member c.burt wants to get a better understanding of the size of that specimen:

It's been a while since we've had an Exotics & Rare Species journal thread. TONMO member Boogeyman has started up a detailed thread about the Wonderpus he's keeping... and making some adjustments along the way!:

TONMO member OctoSF is moving, and has a 75-gallon tank for sale that may be of interest to you:

OctopusChan is seeking help for an octopus with an apparent infection between its eyes:

Cool fossil alert! Thanks to clr, who was "pretty chuffed" to find a fossil of Cymatoceras elegans (nautiloid):

There's so much more going on - remember, Search is your friend! We've got over 19 years of content to peruse. That's a lot of ink!

-- tonmo

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