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May 30, 2000
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From The Editor's Desk

My fellow ceph-head tonmo,

Greetings! It's been a busy year for your sometimes-humble host. I'm in between jobs, and am taking advantage of this downtime to relocate to a climate that better suits my clothes. Tentacles crossed!

Meanwhile, our community continues to grow. We upgraded our forums earlier this Spring, and there are several nice new features to enjoy, and some removed. The removed features include profile posts; this was adding a bit of clutter but not much value to interaction. An added feature is the ability to comment on Articles, which is pretty cool, and we've been getting some feedback and input from new members via this method.

Also, we now have emoji reactions, so beyond "liking" a post, you can love it, show sadness, or react with several different ceph-related emojis :smile:.

Our Cephalopod Journals continue to roll; including some from some long-time TONMOers like sedna, and Animal_Mother!
Cephalopod Journals

There have been a number of ID requests so far this year, with responses; see them here:
ID Requests

Of course, we're always happy to share the amazing photos contributed by Dr. Roy Caldwell (Neogonodactylus), like this one:
A aculeatus male

There are several other photo and video contributions from TONMO members, do check them out and please contribute your own!

As announced in our last Newsletter, we new have a dedicated forum for the ALCES crew, and last month they gave us a heads-up about their documentary which aired featuring interviews with many from that team:
New Antarctic deep-sea doco with cool squid footage airs tomorrow (16 May) in US

If you have questions for them or want to engage with them on their studies, do reach out!
Adventures with ALCES

SEVERAL new papers have been published; too many to mention, but here's a recent sample:
New Mexico Cretaceous Ammonites paper

There's so much more going on - remember, Search is your friend! We've got over 19 years of content to peruse. That's a lot of ink!

-- tonmo

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