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May 30, 2000
================================= Newsletter -- 12/27/18
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Hi {name},

Happy New Year, ceph-heads!

As we look back on 2018, there is much cephy goodness to revel in, starting with our awesome TONMOCON VII event in April at Woods Hole, MA, at the Marine Biological Labratory. Along with two meet-and-greet / happy hour events, we had a full day of incredible presentations from ceph experts around the world, and at the end of the weekend, got a tour of MBL's amazing facilities and labs.
TONMOCON VII at MBL, April 6-8, 2018

We're looking forward to the next event... could be 2020, or 2021. Lots of options to consider; feedback always welcome!

In the forums, the TONMO staff (led by @DWhatley) continued to offer feedback, support and guidance to many new cephalopod owners. By my rough count in the Cephalopod Journals forum, it seems we were introduced to at least 15 new cephalopods in 2018! Thank you to everyone who contributed new threads, stories, facts and photos for the cephalopods under your care. Some great personalities and beautifully photogenic octopuses and cuttlefish were shared - have a browse for yourself:
Cephalopod Journals

Speaking of photogenic, Dr. Roy Caldwell continued to share his jaw-dropping photos in our Photo/Video gallery, bringing his total number of shared images to 221. See what the fuss is all about:
Media added by Neogonodactylus

Amidst gaining more PhD's and furthering our collective knowledge of cephalopods, the ALCES crew launched a dedicated forum TONMO, called "Adventures with ALCES" - stop in and say hi to the gang -- all of them first met via TONMO, and it's really neat to get their updates now that they hit the big-time:
Adventures with ALCES

...and drifting a bit off the TONMO grid (but all friends of TONMO), many of the world's cephalopod organizers and authors were pretty busy:
- The CIAC community had what appeared to be a very successful conference of their own in St. Petersburg, FL, which I regretfully missed. Next event: Lisbon, Portugal!
- The ALCES crew put on another great giant squid dissection broadcast, live from New Zealand, and offered an accompanying TONMO thread to go along with it.
- Danna Staaf continued her book tour in support of her great 2017 book, "Squid Empire: The Rise and Fall of the Cephalopods". She also kicked off a newsletter of her own!
- Roger Hanlon released the 2nd edition of his book, "Cephalopod Behavior" (and I finally ordered my copy!)
- Louise Allcock, Michael Vecchione, and Roger Hanlon (author) released "Octopus, Squid & Cuttlefish: The worldwide illustrated guide to cephalopods"
- The OctoNation social media community went non-profit and continues to spread high quality, easily accessible ceph content on all platforms

...and a lot more. Sorry if you're an A-List cephlebrity and I failed to mention your accomplishment here -- feel free to offer your own reflections in The Octopus' Den forum on TONMO!
The Octopus' Den

Looking ahead, we do have some great updates coming to TONMO in 2019 which I'm pretty excited about. This includes new ceph content and articles, and new forum capabilities such as emoji reactions, mobile push notifications, and more! I was hoping to make the updates by end of year, but the underlying software isn't quite ready yet. Once I get the software updated, I'll roll out the fresh content on top.

In closing out 2018, I'd like to thank all TONMO Supporters for their... support. If you aren't already a Supporter, please do consider enrollment - it's only $50 per year. Each subscription truly makes a difference in supporting the existence of this community!

All of us at TONMO hope you have a Happy, Healthy and Cephy New Year!

-- tonmo

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