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May 30, 2000
================================= Newsletter -- 10/16/16
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From The Editor's Desk

Hi {name},

October is a great month! We get to celebrate Cephalopod Awareness Days (Cephalopod Awareness Days | Facebook), it's usually the month when we hold our biennial TONMOCONs (Your Facebook page hosts, tonmo and "D"... - The Octopus News Magazine Online | Facebook), not to mention the fact that it has "octo" in its name.

This year is an "off" year for TONMOCON... but as mentioned on TONMO, I expect we'll have an announcement in December about TONMOCON VII in 2017. Please stay nimble!
Dun dun dun.... TONMOCon VII

If you're wondering what happened to issue #164, I migrated servers but had a few hiccups in mail setup. Here's #164 if you missed it:
[Webmaster]: - Newsletter #164

Community Spotlight

Here's what's new on TONMO in the past month or so:

Giant Squid washes up in spain, showing signs of battle... with some spectacular photos here:
Giant Squid washed up in Spain (October 2016)

Martain introduces himself to the community as a new member and Supporter, and asks for any information about squid migrations. Dwhatley and tonmo respond:
Squid migrations

Dwhatley shares a new paper on Pollution Studies in Cephalopods (covering plastics, etc.):
Pollution Studies Using Cephalopods

Octopoda shares "Octopus Disaster" video which involves an attempted rescue of octopuses caught in a trap:
Octopus Disaster (video)

Nautilus gets international protection status with CITES, kudos and gratitude to Dr. Greg Barord (gjbarord) for driving this!:
Nautilus gets much needed protection

There's so much more happening online in the community, come have a look for yourself:
TONMO: The Octopus News Magazine Online

Pluggy Reminders

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TONMO Supporter Programs

==================== Membership

Please join me in welcoming the newest registrants to the community:

Duane Nicholes
karla Ramirez
Luis Pedro García
luisa mendez
Martain -- THANK YOU for becoming a Supporter!
Myrt Lockard
ocean girl
Paulina Guarneros

The full member list is available here:

See you online!

Tony Morelli
Founder, Webmaster, TONMO.COM
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