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Oct 15, 2005


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Well, it may be a "first" for Tenerife and pilot whales, but Kubodera and Mori scored footage of sperm whales munching Architeuthis a few years ago.

Seeing how a whale gets arms and tentacles off its skin should be fun.
They've not done their research, but pretty interesting all the same. We've not found Archi in the stomachs of any of the pilots that we've looked at; we've another MS coming out in December reporting their diet over here (only the second account for NZ; we put the first out 6-or-so months ago).

Ours are eating Nototodarus and Pinnoctopus, primarily, with a few other bits and pieces (Pholidoteuthis and Histioteuthis, but not many).
Their footage came out in a Japanese documentary, and included a sperm whale munching on the (disembodied) mantle of a large Archi. Not sure if the doco was ever released in English or the footage re-used though.
Emily182;101867 said:
About the Kubodera and Mori one, I'd like to see that one too. Any reason or reasons they haven't released it?
Hi Emily,

It was released in the States in August, 2006 by the Discovery Channel, in a hastily edited production dicussed at this TONMO thread. My description of Kubodera & Mori's whale shots is here. Wish I could watch it again.

Has anyone heard any more about this footage? Pilot whales, Architeuthis? Heavens.

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