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[News]: Very Large Colossal Squid Caught


Staff member
Nov 19, 2002
OK. It is possible (and seems likely) that we way overestimated the Mesonychoteuthis eyes in the Discovery model. Unfortunately there are no good lateral head-shots of this or any other Meso specimen (that I know of), so we don't know for sure. What we do know is that other somewhat closely related cranchiids have very large, very googly, very delicate eyes (see attached shots of preserved Teuthowenia (pellucida I think?))... IF Meso had eyes like this, then it seems likely they might have been damaged on the way to the surface or at the surface, through contact with the longline/hooks, the side of the ship, or the gaffs, prior to the photographs. When the eyes are damaged/ruptured/deflated, sometimes you get a flaccid deflated balloon of an eyeball, but more often in preserved specimens I have just seen an empty eye socket. So it is possible that Meso has big googly eyes and hence a much wider head in life than it appears in these photos.
Either way, the head/eyes of the 2003 specimen were so mangled as to prevent any useful reconstruction, yet the head width still appears similar to that of the mantle. Whether the present specimen's eyes are gone or intact, its head appears relatively far narrower...
Guess we just have to wait to see it!! :twisted:



O. vulgaris
Feb 22, 2007
Steve O'Shea;88342 said:
I am just tired of constantly justifying the sort of research we do when there is no obvious actual or perceived immediate value.
I was talking to someone the other day and at one point they said "But why did they need to collect it at all?" and I had one of those moments when you realise that you're talking to someone who speaks the same language, was raised in the same society and yet has a thought process so alien to your own that true communication is virtually impossible.

Steve O'Shea

TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002
I get this sort of question all of the time - the 'why collect it at all' - and I haven't got an appropriate answer.

When I speak out about fisheries impacts (sorry, the 'effects of fishing') I get damned by the industry and some in the Ministry. When I don't speak out about these 'effects' I get damned by the public, accused of selling out by the conservation lobby.

The only peace I will ever find is when I walk away from cephalopods/the marine environment and go research moon rocks. Nobody seems to care if you collect a moon rock!


TONMO Supporter
Feb 15, 2003
Steve O'Shea;88726 said:
The only peace I will ever find is when I walk away from cephalopods/the marine environment and go research moon rocks. Nobody seems to care if you collect a moon rock!
How dare you defile the garden of the Moon-Goddess! Get your grubby hands off those rocks! Moonrocks are people too!


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