[News] Nautilus fossil at Leeds Castle, UK

Why can't I find cool cephalopods like that while restoring my 1863 farmhouse??? All I found was a piece of china and a fossil horn coral (it was in a rock pile so I don't think my land was a fossil coral reef zone :biggrin2: ).
come to France ! half a 10" Harpoceras popped out of the wall whilst fitting connecting pipe from the water closet to my fosse septique ! :cool2:
think I already posted the Naut that came out of the same area

Yep, totally agree Illithid, Leeds Castle is a beauty. It's a Norman castle a thousand or so years old surrounded by a huge moat right in the middle of the (very green) countryside. I'm not surprised you have been back many times as it is a very attractive spot and a good day out.

Only one Harpoceras, Lord Spart? I thought the foundations of your entire house was built of ammonoids! So it seems from the awesome specimens you have shown us.

(Apologies, I can't think of anything intelligent to say this evening).
:lol: just this evening Phil ? 24/7 7/7 365/365 12/12 for me !
the Harpo was the Mr. big but the gaff is indeed constructed from a light yellow Toarcien limestone full of cephs of 1 kind or another.


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