Aug 25, 2003
I love Octos and Cuttlefish :biggrin2: , I have never kept a saltwater tank, I figure cephs are for the more experienced keepers. I was wondering what would be a good starting point as far as tanks, what kind of fishes and other things would be good to start on so i can work up to an octopus or cuttlefish. Is there a certain species of octo I could get into that may be easier to keep? Any help is appreciated!!!
Hi LF!!!!!! welcome to

best advice i can give is that it can be done and that your best bet would be to read RockThis11 's posts from the very start as he has went through the whole thing from start to getting an octo in, what was it? 147 posts??? or something? he was in the same boat as you and has done really really well!!!

so , have a look back at the messages for the last couple of months

:welcome: to,

I find that keeping cephs is just about as hard as keeping seahorses which isn't too hard as they were my 1st marine animals. For a start, I would reccomend a simple 15-30gal tank with a few damsels or mollies.
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