newbie fula questions!!


Jul 26, 2003

i think I clicked the right thing. :wink2:
But anyway, i've been wanting an octopus for years and my mother finally broke down but before i can get it i have to have solid proof that i did the research, so i figuered you guys could help me. also from all the people that i've asked i keep getting different tank sizes. what is big enough for an octopus but still not unreasonably expensive? oh and how pick are they about the water qualtiy?
Welcome! Your mother has the right idea. :-)

Be sure to post your specific questions in one of the Ceph Care forums:

Journals and Photos

Ceph Care Q & A

Tank Setup and Maintenance

Health, Feeding, Behavior and Husbandry

I'd say one of the middle two are your best bet! Good luck, and let us know how it goes!!
before you ask a tornado of questions, may i suggest you read EVERYTHING you can.... there's a good possibility that someones already asked the same thing :)

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