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Apr 21, 2005
hi im new to keeping a tank and i currently have a 60 gal with a dwarf lion fish and a wrasse all were gifts from a family friend. i was wondering if i could put an octo in their too? if so wich would you guys suggest?
Welcome to Tonmo!!! Make sure you read up under Ceph Care. Not a good idea to put an octo in with the fish!!! You really need a species dedicated tank!

so do you think that a dwarf octo would attack my dwarf lionfish or would my lionfish attack and eat the octo? i read that some fish can be succesfully kept with the octos as long as there is enouph room in the tank.
i think that either might happen, but we have seen cephalopods eating lionfish.

If this is your first attempt at ceph keeping then please rehome the fish, trust me, it really isnt an easy juggling match.


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