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Jun 17, 2014
Wow, really interesting!! When I first read the chart, I interpreted "crash" as a tank crash, i.e., total loss of the ecosystem and a need to start over. We've had a few cases of "butt burn," etc. on the forums but to your point, not a major concern from my own casual observation. Of course it also depends on the type and species; i.e. a bimac and a cuttlefish are going to behave very differently... I think tank owners (and the industry at large) tend to get species that are less likely to wreak havoc in a tank, which is why nobody keeps squid, for example.

Yes, I am not too happy with survey questions so perhaps we could do it again as a few years have passed so survey fatigue will be low. We could do a much better job and split questions in cephalopod type.

We don't spam :wink: - but yes Reef Central is awesome! We have coexisted symbiotically for as long as I can remember. :smile: We get some referrals now and then.

that is great news as if we do another survey we might be able to get responses from this forum to if you have a good relationship with them?

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