New to the ceph hobby!

Apr 29, 2007
Greetings all!
Well, the long and short of it is that I have had great success with my 150gal reef and marine tank, and had a 30 gal with sun polyps in it off to the side.
I have been in love with cephs for years, and finaly decided to take the plunge!
As luck would have it, a local store had 2 beautifull cephs. One was definetly a bimac, but seemed a tad sluggish, so I purchased a beautifull deep orange octo.
He is very active right now (being that it is 12:09 in the morning! lol)
I have been looking all over the place, but can not seem to find a picture that looks like my little guy.
He doesn't have a name as yet, I have to see his personality first. :smile:

But I just wanted to say hello, and what a great place this is for information!

here are some pics of my new buddy!




OK, I came up with a name for him... Creepers!
The way he was slinking around the tank last night.. just wonderfull!
:welcome: We have a thread just for ID requests, so you may want to post there also. He looks like a long arm species but not sure which kind. Has he eaten yet? Be careful with using the flash on your camera as you don't want to scare him. My one octopus, Spike is used to the camera with the flash but Biddle, the newer one, I flashed him by accident a few weeks ago and it took him a good week before he stopped running when he saw the camera. Good luck with him!

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Thank you!
It took me a while to get the pics.
He would wait untill I was sitting down on the sofa, lights off.
Then he would come slinking out and explore.
I was sitting there and moveing, which he didn't mind, as long as I wasn't walking around.
And the flash?
If you can believe it, he let me take FOURTEEN pictures with flash before my cat jumped up and scared him away! lol
He is skittish, but I guess he is a ham for the camera! :wink:
Thanks for the warm welcome!
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tonmo;93930 said:
To avoid duplicate posts, I went ahead and deleted the other thread.

Welcome gravesly! That's a great-looking octopus.

Thanks for the warm welcome!
And I actually JUST posted the dupe. thread lol
sorry about that.

I am very excited in learning all the little nuances I can of this little guy.

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:welcome: to you and Creepers!

Creepers does have an unusual look... I'll be curious what the ID experts think. Very good-looking animal.
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thank you all for the warm welcome!
I am already in love with this place. lol
I am already looking to upgrade to a 45gal.
Would love to go bigger, but I already have a tikibar, 27 in hd tv, and reef aquarium in the same living room! lol

OK, babbeling now. thanks again for the welcome!
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